Conference Description

Welcome to Medium & Margin 2009, the official blog for Medium & Margin: Multiplying Methodologies & Proliferating Poetics, a two-day interdisciplinary conference sponsored by the UC Berkeley Department of English, Film Studies, Consortium for the Arts, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Dean’s Office, and the Rachel Stageberg Anderson Chair.

Open to the UC Berkeley public, this conference intends to explore new creative paradigms for thinking about the art of scholarship. The various sessions are organized to encourage comparative and creative approaches; collaborative, interdisciplinary, improvisatory, polyvalent, mixed media, and hypermediated models will be among those likely to be foregrounded by the five invited presenters (three theorists, a filmmaker, and a performance artist) and by all who wish to participate in the three roundtable discussions, initiated by lectures from each of the three theorists, that will be the centerpiece of each daytime session. The conference will also include an evening of improvisatory spoken performance, a screening of experimental films in dialogue with poetry, and a session of collaborative critical writing open to all conference participants.

Information on the keynote speakers, performers & respondents

The conference will take place March 13-14, 2009 in the Maude Fife Room of UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall, with the exception of the Friday evening film presentation, which will take place in Dwinelle Hall, Rm 142.*

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 13, 2009

9am: Welcome reception and breakfast

9:30am: Keynote lecture by Adalaide (Dee) Morris, professor at the University of Iowa Department of English

10:30am: 10-minute break, followed by comments from respondents Celeste Langan (English) and Daniel Marcus (History of Art), and a roundtable discussion

12pm: Lunch break

1:30pm: Keynote lecture by Barrett Watten, poet and professor at the Wayne State University Department of English

2:30pm: 10- minute break, followed by comments from respondents Martin Jay (History) and Jessie Hock (Comparative Literature), and a roundtable discussion

4pm: Reception and informal discussions

*8pm: Film presentation on poetry and cinema by Konrad Steiner, film artist and curator

Saturday, March 14, 2009

9am: Breakfast

9:30am: Keynote lecture by Mikhail Epstein, professor at the Emory University Department of Russian, Eurasian and East Asian Languages and Cultures

10:30am: 10-minute break, followed by comments from respondents George Lakoff (Linguistics) and Eleanor Johnson (English), and a roundtable discussion

12pm: Lunch break

1pm: Collaborative compositions

4pm: Reception and informal discussions

8pm: Improvisation by Steve Benson, poet and performance artist

9:30pm: Closing remarks

3 responses to “Conference Description

  1. Is this open to the general public, as the poster says, or “the UC Berkeley public” (students and staff) only, as indicated above?

  2. This sounds really exciting!

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